Two Schmalclubs on one evening in February 2002: The 14th Schmalclub "Alice" starts first at the Bockenheimer Depot,
followed by the 15th Schmalclub "Ellen”.

As usual, nobody knows what to expect. The 50 "Alice" guests have three hours to rehearse a theatre production.
They rehearse together under the direction of actors and dancers. At 22:00 hrs, the unsuspecting 200 "Ellen" guests appear.
They form the audience and the one hour piece begins.

Regine Eckel, Bernd Euler, Tanja Jesek, Patrick Koch und Tina Kohlmann are pleased that this experiment was blessed with so much fun.
The Schmalclub is a recurring event and Ballett Frankfurt / Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach joint effort since January 2000.